Keeping an online food journal is one of the most effective weight loss strategies anyone can employ. Unfortunately logging food on existing websites can be tedious and time consuming. We started over to build something much faster & easier to use.
thinjoy is a rich internet application. A bit differ-
ent than a regular web-
site it offers users added
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One of thinjoy's unprecedented features is its strategy system. This feature allows users to quickly create, customize & share food, fitness and behavior strategies to help achieve their health and weith loss goals.
thinjoy is the first online food log to automatically keep track of food group servings. This functionality allowed us to create a simulator so users could create their own customized food group plans.
thinjoy was designed with flexibility in mind. This allows the system to fit the users lifestyle, which is much more effective than forcing the user to fit the system.
thinjoy is a new website that provides a quick and easy way for you to lose weight by keeping track of what you eat and how much you exercise.

Keeping a food & exercise log are proven methods for weight loss. In fact a recent study has shown that dieters who keep track of what they eat, lose twice as much weight and are more likely to keep that weight off than those that do not.

But keeping a log can be a bit of a chore. And that's where we come in. thinjoy makes the process quicker & easier than ever before, saving you time & effort, helping you to follow through, to fully realize your goals.
We spent a lot of time thinking about the best way our food log and the underlying database should be set up. We put a heavy emphasis on speed, simplicity, & ease of use. This has helped us to design and develop the most advanced food log ever built.

Our first major innovation has to do with search results. We've come up with a new way to stack food so that users can find the foods they are looking for right away without wading through pages of poorly managed search results.

The next innovation was to design an interface that allowed users to bypass search altogether, so that their favorite foods would be right in front of them. We then automated the process so each individual's food log would be customized based on their own eating habits. Over time, the more a user logs their food the more the food log adapts to them, and the quicker and easier the experience becomes.
thinjoy is much more than an excellent food log. It is comprised of a whole suite of new & innovative features:
All the features of thinjoy are part of one seamless application. This allows for a much cleaner & more organized setup. Every part is fully integrated so users can enjoy a rich convenient experience. And with no ads there is an emphasis on more action & less distraction so you can do what you need to do and be on your way.
thinjoy is the most advanced product in terms of features, the quality of engineering, and the marriage of the science of weight loss to the newest software. From the second you enter the application you will notice we have created something completely different.
Come on, try us out for free! You've got nothing to lose (except maybe a little bit of weight).
Our one of a kind feature allows users to select serving amounts from food groups to create their own food group plan. It can then be customized to meet nutrition and calorie needs.